Brother Scanner

Brother freestanding scanners help you clear clutter and keep things organized. Easily capture, manage, retrieve and share the information that's important to your business. The compact, portable design is perfect for small office/home office workspaces for productivity, reliability and simple operation.

Mobile Scanner


Mobile Scanners

• Fast! Up to 8 pages per minute in color and B&W.
• Compact and lightweight. Weighs less than 1 lb.
• Powered by USB connection.


Mobile Scanners

• Ultra-compact and mobile
• Fast scanning speeds of up to 16 ppm in color and black and white
• Powerful software improves document efficiency


Mobile Scanners

• Ultra-compact and mobile.
• Fast scanning speeds of up to 16ppm on both single-sided and duplex.
• DSD (Desktop Saver Design) reduces the space required for operation.


Mobile Scanners

• Scan single-sided and double-sided in one pass!
• Easily transfer scanned documents via Wi-Fi.
• Powered by lithium-ion battery or USB connection.


Mobile Scanners

• Fast scanning speeds of up to 16ppm for both single-sided and duplex
• Full wireless capability
• DSD – Compact space-saving desktop design

Desktop Scanner


Compact Desktop Scanner

• Scanning speeds up to 25 pages per minute
• 20-page capacity automatic document feeder
• Scans to optional USB flash drive


Compact Desktop Scanner

• Up to 25ppm color scanning
• 20-sheet capacity automatic document feeder
• Wireless Scan Direct to PC


Desktop Scanner

• Single-sided and duplex scanning speeds of up to 35 pages per minute
• Wireless and Ethernet networking
• 2.8″ color touch screen display


Desktop Scanner

• Scans single-sided and duplex at speeds up to 35 pages per minute
• Save space with a smaller footprint
• Scans quickly and easily without software


Desktop Scanner

• Single-sided and duplex scanning speeds up to 40ppm
• 3.7″ color touch screen display
• 50-sheet capacity automatic document feeder

Which Scanner Meets Your Business Needs?

Brother DS-740D Duplex Compact Mobile Document Scanner

The Brother DS-740D duplex mobile scanner allows users to scan documents at home, in the office or on the go. It features single-page feed and can scan both mono and duplex documents in black and white and color at speeds up to 16 ppm. Users simply plug the USB cable into their computer or laptop. The fast, accurate Brother DS-740D portable document scanner is perfect for scanning directly to your laptop via USB, but it's overshadowed by its slightly more expensive sibling, with more features and versatility.

Brother DS-940DW Duplex and Wireless Compact Mobile Document Scanner

Perfect for small office/home office professionals on the go, the Brother DS-940DW duplex and wireless compact mobile document scanner features a compact mobile design and simple workflow applications. The DS-940DW features one-way duplex scanning and up to 16 ppm color scanning speed (just 4 seconds for a single page). This scanner can scan wirelessly to PCs, mobile devices, and to cloud services and web destinations using Brother's free iPrint&Scan app.The DS-940DW is compatible with the way you work. Its compact size and mobility combined with fast scanning speeds and image optimization features make it perfect for use on the road, at home or in a small office.

Operations/Operations Working Group

Users: 1-20

Scanning speed: up to 60 pages per minute.

Key features: advanced security, robust image optimization, easy integration with existing systems/applications/workflows, support for easy network deployment, large paper capacity

Brother ADS1200 Compact Color Desktop Scanner

The Brother ADS-1200 compact desktop document scanner features a 20-page capacity automatic document feeder and scans single-sided and duplex, color and black-and-white documents at up to 25ppm‡ in a single pass. Its economical, portable and compact design makes the ADS-1200 ideal for the home or small office. The ADS-1200 handles a wide range of media types and paper sizes, and features a dedicated card slot for scanning plastic cards. Included for advanced features is a powerful software suite‡ with document management and OCR programs.

Brother DS-640 Compact Mobile Document Scanner

The Brother DS-640 scanner offers portability, excellent scan quality and reliable optical character recognition at an affordable price. Its features and performance make it perfect for anyone who wants to transport the scanner in a backpack or wants to be able to hide it in an office drawer once they're done scanning short documents. The DS-640 offers the convenience of plug-and-play. Use your laptop or PC to power the DS-640 by connecting the included micro USB 3.0 cable. The same connection allows you to seamlessly scan hardcopy documents directly to your computer.

Brother ADS-1250W Wireless Portable Compact Desktop Scanner

The Brother ADS-1250w wireless compact desktop scanner features a 20-sheet capacity automatic document feeder that can quickly scan single- and duplex, color and black-and-white documents at up to 25 ppm at a time via Wi-Fi or via a local USB connection. It can be powered by connecting to your laptop or PC via Micro USB 3.0, making it highly portable and suitable for mobile professionals. The ADS-1250w handles a wide range of media types and paper sizes and includes a dedicated card slot for scanning plastic cards. Scans to multiple destinations, including documents, OCR, email, cloud services, mobile devices and USB flash drives.

Brother Scanner Comparison Chart

61Kasa_ 81Ugyg_ 81epjhh_ 71JUghh 71UsBojhj_
Brother DS-640 Brother DS-740D Brother DS-940DW Brother ADS1200 Brother ADS-1250W
Maximum Paper Capacity 1 sheet 1 sheet 1 sheet 20 sheets 20 sheets
Two-sided (duplex) scanning
Max. Scan Speed(Sim/Duplex)(1) 16 ppm 16 ppm/16 ppm 16 ppm/16 ppm 25 ppm / 25 ppm 25 ppm / 25 ppm
Connectivity Micro USB 3.0 Micro USB 3.0 Micro USB 3.0 Micro USB 3.0 Wireless, Micro USB 3.0
OS Compatibility Windows / Mac OS / Linux Windows / Mac OS / Linux Windows / Mac OS / Linux Windows / Mac OS / Linux Windows / Mac OS / Linux
Dedicated Card Slot
Mass Storage Device

Top Performance

Delivering the award-winning performance you expect.

Consistent Reliability

Brother is known for reliability, efficiency and durability.

Bundled Software Suite

Powerful software for creating, editing, and converting documents to digital files.

Support at your side

It's not just a slogan - it's the way we do business.

How to Choose a Business Scanner

When it comes to finding the perfect business scanner for your company's needs, the choice can seem daunting. Fortunately, there is an easy way to determine the best business scanner for your exact requirements. Keep reading to learn which business scanner features to look for, how to find the right scanner for your corporate office or remote office and more!

You want to find the best commercial scanner for your specific needs, but there are several factors that should come into play when deciding which scanner is right for your company.


Superior performance: You want a scanner that works as hard as you do, so make sure the scanner you choose has reliable award-winning performance and results you and your company can count on.

Consistent reliability: Your business scanner needs to be durable, reliable and rugged enough to take on the biggest projects.

Value: Get the most out of your scanner by finding a model that offers value for money. The best commercial scanners offer a wide range of features at an affordable cost.

Technical Support: Look for scanners that provide the support and care you need to continue to drive your business forward.

Finding the best features for your business scanner will depend greatly on your needs and the needs of your office. However, there are some important scanner features that should be kept in mind when equipping your office.


Speed: Your scanner should be able to work quickly and efficiently so you can get more work done faster. Business scanners should include fast duplex scanning to increase productivity.

Advanced security: Securing sensitive documents and data is a top priority for any business. Make sure your business scanners are equipped with advanced security features to help protect against internal and external security threats.

Flexible connectivity: Look for a scanner that gives you multiple connectivity options, such as built-in wireless and Ethernet network interfaces that can be easily shared over a network and the ability to connect locally to a single computer via USB.

Advanced image optimization: You need a scanner that gives you high-quality, professional results. Integrated image optimization features such as text enhancement, blank page skipping and more can help you save valuable time without having to adjust settings. Compatibility with image processing software such as Kofax VRS Elite™ / Kofax Express™ helps deliver optimal scanning results.

Scan to destination: Commercial scanners should support multiple scans to destinations such as PC, web, SharePoint, USB sticks and mobile devices to maximize the flexibility of existing workflows. Some scanners support direct scanning to popular cloud services such as Google Drive™, Evernote® and Dropbox.

Device Management: Look for scanners equipped with a device management solution for mass distribution of device configurations, security settings, firmware updates, etc.

File formats: it is important that your scanner can convert to exactly the file format you want. A useful feature supported by select scanners is the conversion of hard copy documents to editable Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.

Touch screen display: Scanners with touch screen displays offer easy menu navigation and the creation of programmable shortcuts for one-touch scanning to common destinations. Select scanners also support direct scanning to specific destinations using the touchscreen monitor, including cloud services.

When choosing the best company scanner for your business, be sure to consider the specific requirements that need to be met. The size of your company, the number of people who will be using the scanner and the security features are all factors to consider when looking for a business scanner. Here are other things to keep in mind when looking for the best scanner for your company.


Scanning speed: Depending on the size of your business, speed is often an important factor in purchasing a scanner.

Page volume: Looking for a scanner that supports high scan volumes and batch scanning? Top business scanners come with high-capacity automatic document feeders that can scan large volumes of documents quickly and easily.

Easy integration: It’s important to find scanners that work seamlessly with the office technology you already have. Extensive driver and operating system support helps integrate your scanner with your existing software applications and workflows. Customizable touchscreens can help maximize productivity by providing easy menu navigation and creating shortcuts for one-touch scanning of common targets as well as scan job previews. The touch screen can also provide direct scanning for a variety of cloud applications.

Mobile options: Today’s workforce is primarily mobile, so you need a scanner that can scan to your mobile device. This makes it easy to take your work with you on the go and keep your business running even when you’re out of the office.

If you are looking for a great home office scanner, there are a number of factors to consider before making a purchase. When choosing the best scanner for your home office, be sure to keep the following points in mind.


Size: Space in your home office is often at a premium, so it is important to find a scanner that will fit easily and conveniently into your workspace. Look for a scanner that will meet your needs without taking up too much space. The best home business scanners will help you reduce clutter while increasing your productivity.

Portability: Your home office scanner should offer the convenience of being lightweight and compact, so you can take it with you as needed. The small footprint allows you to set up your home office anywhere, providing you with some much-needed flexibility.

Convenience: Your scanner should work for you – not the other way around! Look for an easy-to-use scanner that can scan documents quickly and easily.

Productivity: Digitizing your documents not only reduces clutter and helps you stay organized, it can also help increase productivity! By easily and securely uploading all your digitized documents, finding those important files will be fast and easy.