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Which Printer Meets Your Business Needs?

Brother HL-L2350DW Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

The compact Brother HL-L2350DW laser printer is a great choice for busy homes or small offices. It offers best-in-class print speeds of up to 32 pages per minute and automatic duplex (two-sided) printing for efficiency. Connect multiple options, including a built-in wireless‡ or USB interface, and print wirelessly from mobile devices. The 250-page paper capacity helps increase efficiency with fewer refills and can handle letter or legal-size paper. Brother Genuine High Volume Replacement Cartridges deliver up to twice the standard print volume, helping to reduce printing costs.

Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser Printer

The Brother HL-L2300D personal laser printer is a reliable choice for your home or office. With a tray capacity of up to 250 pages, this desktop-friendly compact laser printer easily connects to your computer via a high-speed USB 2.0 interface and prints crisp, clear black-and-white documents at up to 27 ppm. Automatic duplex printing helps save paper.

Operations/Operations Working Group

Users: 1-20

Recommended print volume: 200-10,000 pages per month

Key features: low cost per page, advanced security, paper scalability, advanced scanning

Brother DCP-L2550DW Monochrome Laser Printer

The Brother DCP-L2550DW is ideal for busy homes or small offices looking for a fast, reliable multifunction copier. The 50-sheet capacity automatic document feeder enables multi-page copying and scanning, while its class-leading print speed of up to 36 pages per minute provides greater efficiency. Supports wireless printing from mobile devices. 250-sheet paper capacity handles letter and legal-size paper while reducing the need for reloading. Choose from built-in wireless and Ethernet network interfaces to share with multiple users on the network or connect locally to a single computer via the USB interface. Automatic duplex (2-sided) printing helps save paper.

Brother MFC-J491DW Wireless All-in-One Inkjet Printer

The Brother Work Smart Series MFCJ491DW All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer is easy to connect, compact, affordable, and packed with features and functionality that make it the ideal printer for your home, home office, or dorm room. This wireless color inkjet all-in-one printer delivers high-quality, reliable printing, copying, scanning and faxing in a desktop-friendly space that fits almost anywhere. The MFC J491DW offers automatic duplex (two-sided) printing to help save paper. The MFC J491DW offers wireless mobile printing, allowing you to print from your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Brother MFC-J805DW XL Extended Print INKvestmentTank Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer

The Brother MFCJ805DW XL Extended Print Investment Tank color inkjet all-in-one printer with Tank technology is ideal for your home or small office. It features redesigned Investment Tank cartridges and an internal ink storage tank that provides up to 2 years of uninterrupted printing without the need to purchase ink.The Brother Investment Tank ink system helps simplify printing by using cartridges that hold more ink, thus minimizing the frequency of cartridge changes.

Brother Printers Comparison Chart

Brother HL-L3230CDW Brother HL-L8260CDW Brother HL-L3290CDW Brother MFC-L3710CW Brother MFC-L3750CDW Brother MFC-L8610CDW
Brother HL-L3230CDW d63a00__
Brother HL-L8260CDW 2c576chu_
Brother HL-L3290CDW 1b0aahu
Brother MFC-L3710CW 881be1cbji_
Brother MFC-L3750CDW f4c702ko_
Brother MFC-L8610CDW 0d61b4hu
Brother HL-L3230CDW Print
Brother HL-L8260CDW Print
Brother HL-L3290CDW Print / Copy / Scan
Brother MFC-L3710CW Print / Copy / Scan / Fax
Brother MFC-L3750CDW Print / Copy / Scan / Fax
Brother MFC-L8610CDW Print / Copy / Scan / Fax
Max Print Speed (black / color)
Brother HL-L3230CDW 25 ppm / 25 ppm
Brother HL-L8260CDW 33 ppm / 33 ppm
Brother HL-L3290CDW 25 ppm / 25 ppm
Brother MFC-L3710CW 19 ppm / 19 ppm
Brother MFC-L3750CDW 25 ppm / 25 ppm
Brother MFC-L8610CDW 33 ppm / 33 ppm
Input Paper Capacity (std. / max. sheets)
Brother HL-L3230CDW 250 sheets
Brother HL-L8260CDW 300 / 1,050(3)
Brother HL-L3290CDW 250 sheets
Brother MFC-L3710CW 250 sheets
Brother MFC-L3750CDW 250 sheets
Brother MFC-L8610CDW 300 / 1,050(3)
Duplex Capabilities
Brother HL-L3230CDW Print
Brother HL-L8260CDW Print
Brother HL-L3290CDW Print
Brother MFC-L3710CW Print
Brother MFC-L3750CDW Print
Brother MFC-L8610CDW Print
LCD Display
Brother HL-L3230CDW 1-line mono (backlit)
Brother HL-L8260CDW 2-line mono (backlit)
Brother HL-L3290CDW 2-line mono (backlit)
Brother MFC-L3710CW 3.7" Color touchscreen
Brother MFC-L3750CDW 3.7" Color touchscreen
Brother MFC-L8610CDW 3.7" Color touchscreen
Standard Interfaces
Brother HL-L3230CDW Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB
Brother HL-L8260CDW Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet, USB
Brother HL-L3290CDW Wi-Fi, USB
Brother MFC-L3710CW Wi-Fi, USB
Brother MFC-L3750CDW Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB
Brother MFC-L8610CDW Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet, USB
In-Box Toner Yield (blk/color pgs)(2)
Brother HL-L3230CDW 1,000 / 1,000
Brother HL-L8260CDW 3,000 / 1,800
Brother HL-L3290CDW 1,000 / 1,000
Brother MFC-L3710CW 1,000 / 1,000
Brother MFC-L3750CDW 1,000 / 1,000
Brother MFC-L8610CDW 3,000 / 1,800
Replacement Toner Yields (blk/color pgs)
Brother HL-L3230CDW 1,400 or 3,000 / 1,300 or 2,300
Brother HL-L8260CDW 3,000 or 4,500 / 1,800 or 4,000
Brother HL-L3290CDW 1,400 or 3,000 / 1,300 or 2,300
Brother MFC-L3710CW 1,400 or 3,000 / 1,300 or 2,300
Brother MFC-L3750CDW 1,400 or 3,000 / 1,300 or 2,300
Brother MFC-L8610CDW 3,000 or 4,500 / 1,800 or 4,000

How to Choose a Business Printer

Choosing a business printer is very different from choosing one for your home. Office printers come with a wide range of features and options to meet the needs of a busy office while helping to keep costs under control. But how can you choose the best work printer or all-in-one work printer for the business you own today and the one you're building for tomorrow? Read on to learn how to choose the best office printer for your business.

Print volume: When choosing a business printer, first consider your expected print output so you can match the needs of your office to the device you choose. Will you be printing less than 500 pages per month? If so, our small office/home office printers or MFPs may be ideal. However, if you print more than 500 pages per month, you will likely need a high-capacity printer. You can determine the amount of printing by tracking how often you need to refill the paper cassette; a ream of paper is 500 sheets.


Color vs: monochrome: Does your office print color documents frequently, or are you primarily concerned with black and white documents? If you don’t need to print in color very often, a monochrome business printer may be an ideal choice to meet your office’s needs while helping to keep costs down. Check out our Black & White – Monochrome Printers page for more information.


Single versus all-in-one/multifunction: While a single-function business printer may have all the features and functionality needed to support your company’s printing needs, a multifunction business printer (also known as an all-in-one business printer) offers the ability to scan, copy and fax in a single device. Multifunction business printers help save office space and reduce costs by eliminating the need to purchase multiple machines, but the initial upfront cost will be higher than for a single-function printer.


Inkjet vs. laser: How many pages does your office print per month? If you have a lot of output, a laser printer may be your best option. While inkjet printers can print high-quality color images and photos and can offer 11×17 ledger printing support, lasers can help reduce printing costs and often offer more business-centric features such as advanced security and additional paper trays. In addition, commercial laser printers can often be used as single-function printers or all-in-ones, while inkjet models can often be used as all-in-one printers. Check out our Inkjet vs. Laser: What’s the Difference page for more information.


Paper Handling: Your printer’s standard configuration should accommodate far more paper than you print on a daily basis. While the average home printer has an input capacity of about 150 pages, which may work for home offices and small businesses, it may not be ideal as your business expands. Typically, corporate printers have a minimum capacity of 250 pages. Many models offer optional feed trays that can have a total feed capacity of more than 1,000 sheets and provide the ability to store different sizes of paper for added flexibility. In addition to feed trays, consider other paper handling options such as cabinets that make the printer a stand-alone device, staple binders for easy binding, and mailboxes for sorting output paper.

If you are looking for a small office printer, there are some special considerations that you should take into account when making your purchase decision.


For small offices, the priorities should be reliability, cost and space. Consider a space-saving all-in-one business printer that can get the job done quickly.


Remember, if your printing needs may change as your company expands, consider a model that can grow with your business. Many Brother models offer optional paper trays that allow you to expand as needed.

If you are looking for a large company printer, you need to ensure that your equipment meets the specific needs and requirements of your company:


For large companies with high print volumes, speed and reliability are key. You need a device that will give you low-cost printing and high-quality results quickly and efficiently. If you need an enterprise-class solution, Brother Business Solutions can provide customized workflow solutions, mobile and cloud options, and unparalleled support from the Brother Special Solutions team.


Security is a major consideration, so look for models equipped with advanced security features to help you control exactly who has access to sensitive documents. Many Brother models are equipped with three layers of security – built-in security features that help limit access to the device and the documents printed or scanned on it, and connect the device securely to your network.


Keep in mind that your industry may have specific requirements that guide your purchase decision. For example, if you work in the healthcare industry, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance and patient and employee safety are critical, while government agencies need robust and reliable printers that comply with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA).
that help increase productivity, improve profitability and reduce costs.

When choosing the best printer for your business, there are many features to consider.

Speed: You need a business printer that produces high-quality results quickly, which is why it’s important to consider the printer’s PPM (pages per minute), which measures how many pages the printer can print in 60 seconds. Generally speaking, a PPM of 40 or higher is best for offices with high volume output, while many small business printers and home office printers may have a PPM between 20 and 40. If you need a business all-in-one, you should also consider scanning speed in ppm or ipm (images per minute).


Duplexing: If you are looking for fast and efficient duplexing, be sure to choose a printer with a duplexing option.


All-in-one scanning capabilities and speed: for those who want a multifunctional business printer, be sure to check the scanning capabilities and speed before you buy.


Connectivity options: Whether you connect to your network via wireless, Ethernet or via USB, many business printers come with a variety of options so you can choose the one that best suits your business. As the workplace becomes more mobile, you’ll want to consider a wireless business printer. brother offers a wide range of models that give you the freedom to print from virtually anywhere – no wires required. Most Brother models support mobile device printing for easy printing from your smartphone or tablet.


Security features: Security is a major concern for businesses, which is why Brother offers features for business printers that allow you to help restrict access to printing devices and sensitive documents, and help prevent network intrusions.


Service: The best office printers are not only packed with great features and functionality, but they also offer service and support. At Brother, all of our high-quality business printers offer support that’s on your side – free online or chat support for the life of your product